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  1. 2001 Navigation won't lock on roads

    I just bought the new 2010 Navigation DVD - Black for my 2001 MDX. It loaded fine and I went out to a verified road to get it initialized as described. It would not lock on to the verified road until I turned off the car and turned it back on again. Now it will not find verified roads until I...
  2. Check Engine light...On...Off...On...Off.On..

    Hows your EGR valve?
  3. For Die Hard Acura Fans.......can you guess

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Still have my blue Navi wipe cloth in its zip lock bag, the pen and the metal box it came it :)
  4. nav shuts off

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    I assume you have the car running as this is a normal feature when the ignition is on but the engine is not running. If the engine is running you have a charging problem, or a bad sensor/chip and need to have the car serviced.
  5. Wanted: Black Navigation Disc

    I have a 2.20 sitting on my desk. And a 2.11b
  6. MDX to get a Diesel Engine

    General Discussions
    This may be old news but according to this article the MDX will not get a hybrid engine but a Diesel. Full Article
  7. New Navigation Update

    General Discussions
    Because verified is more that just an accurate representation of the shape and location of the road. It also includes things like direction (one way vs two way), speeds and a few other tidbits I can't remember now.
  8. Verified Roads on Fall 2005 Disks

    Audio & Electronics
    Re: MGTD, here's my take on this... Yes I checked all those communities that you also noted that we said to be verified and they are all tan. So Alpine missreprented these communities as verified. It is interesting though that the roads have been updated considerably in accuracy though...
  9. Verified Roads on Fall 2005 Disks

    Audio & Electronics
    I just got a new 2.30a disk for my 2001 MDX with Navi. I installed it and in my neighborhood all the roads were unverified. The web site says that they were updated to verified. Well I can say that the roads are much more accurate but they still display as tan colored versus black. I also...
  10. Haboob

    General Off Topic
    Great pic. Saw one of those in Tucson once and luckily by the time I got there it has passed through. Just got a bunch of dust vs sandblasted.
  11. Updated DVD for navigation system

    General Discussions
    It appears that the deal is only good for 2001 and 2002 model years :(
  12. Updated DVD for navigation system

    General Discussions
    They have really updated the site. You can get a list of the verified cities now. Also the price has been reduced to $149 until July 31.:eek:
  13. Struts/Spring recall and alignment issue!

    I must have missed this 'salt state' 01 strut recall since I am not in a salt state. Anyway I just had to have both front struts and the sway bar busings plus alignment done on my 01 with 65k miles. When you drove down the road it sounded and felt like the whole front end was falling off...
  14. 2007 MDX release

    General Discussions
    I am probably out for the next gen x I guess my 2001 will be my last Acura. I am not going the sport route and was looking for Acura to do the right thing with a Hybrid. Noting the the Honda hybrids have dismal gas mileage compared to Toyota's, I guess I will be looking there first. I also...
  15. Have you had rodent damage?

    General Discussions
    I have had my heater fan/motor fixed twice Just before Xmas a mouse got into the heater squirrel cage and broke the fan. It caused all sorts of noise and rattles. The dealer had to replace the fan and motor ($250). Then a month later another mouse met its demise in the fan motor. This time...