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  • mdxstang ·
    Hi Sri,

    No - I don't think any of the 'protection' products are worth it. Dealers have a huge markup on these products which is why they 'recommend' them.

    The windshield doesn't need any protection - just clean it if it's dirty.

    The interior should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations (I think it's just mild soap and water).

    The exterior just needs to be washed occasionally and a decent wax kept on it and re-waxed when the previous wax no longer beads water. If you keep the car covered from the sun you'll find you don't need to wax that frequently. There are no magical coatings that will obviate the need for a decent wax job every now and then.

    One good accessory, and one I recommended on some thread here, is a car cover - assuming you'd actually use it. I use one and it makes a bug difference. It tales me about 1-2 minutes to put on or take off. I even found a generic cover that fits the MDX almost perfectly so it's inexpensive ($50).
    SriSam ·
    Hi mdxstang,

    I read your posts and feel that you have a great knowledge about MDX. My question to you is did you come across Zurich Shield Paint, interior and Windshield protection? My dealer is offering it for $365 with 7 year warranty. I am not sure whether to take it or not. Is it worth it? From his explanation it sounds good (which is always the case though).

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    Thank you
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