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  1. which rooftop carrier to buy ?

    Any thoughts on a hard case rooftop carrier? I'm interested in Thule, but the Thule website has a model matcher which does not include Acuras (or Infiniti's for that matter). Any recommendations?
  2. Epik dual DVD headrest kit at BestBuy for $1499

    Audio & Electronics
    2001 Model Year? Does anyone know why the headrests apply to 2002+ models and not the 2001 model? I have seen this for a couple of brands. Any insights? Thanks.
  3. Road noise, how loud?

    Freeway Noise In my experience (driving from Vegas to LA), there is a lot of noise when you cross 75 mph, especially if the wind (which there is a lot of) hits the MDX right. I've not had problems on other drives, only with the Vegas-LA drive. Still not that big of a problem, but noticeable...
  4. Front cup holder

    Same with my glovebox Since you've mentioned the glovebox, my glovebox doesn't shut flush with the panel either, it gives a little. Since it doesn't ratter, I suppose that I don't care about that one either. As an update on the cupholder lid, my dealer has ordered a new one and I am waiting...
  5. No X's in Las Vegas?

    General Discussions
    Growing in Vegas As already noted by all, we have a dealer in Vegas, Falconi's, and they are building a new facility that is farther west that the current one (which is on the crummy side and in need of replacement). As for no Nevada MDX sightings on the Strip, the Las Vegas residents...
  6. Front cup holder

    Same problem My cupholder cover, when closed is not quite aligned with the center console. I didn't notice it at first, but did so after a few months. I asked them to look at it, but it still looks the same. Since it's not that big a deal, I supposed I let it go, but it is a problem I have also.
  7. Weeping Mirrors ... My Dealer Says the Fix Doesn't Work ...

    General Discussions
    Great feedback ... Thanks everyone, I'll be asking that the problem be fixed per the TSB.
  8. Weeping Mirrors ... My Dealer Says the Fix Doesn't Work ...

    General Discussions
    I'm taking my car in for a 15,000 mile service and asked about the fix for the weeping mirrors problem. The service guy told me that the "fix" doesn't really fix the problem, but just moves the stream of water somewhere else. He said they would do it, but he wasn't that encouraging. I...
  9. Reliability - what's the verdict?

    General Discussions
    No Problems Here ... I've had my MDX for a year (15,000 miles) and no problems so speak of ... no chunking sound, no thud, no funny lurching, etc. I do have the weeping mirrors issue though, but it's something that we all have.
  10. Tranny Problem - Yes or No

    No problems I've had my MDX since March 2001, 15,000 miles later, no problems.
  11. 15,000 Mile Service. I was ripped off! Tim ,help.

    General Discussions
    Service in Las Vegas As for the cost in Las Vegas, the 15,000 is $215 (I just called to find out). As for the "Rear End" fluid, if you mean the VTM, then my dealership did change it at 7,500 miles as part of the 7,500 mile service ($100). Just my thoughts.
  12. 2002 ML320 vs. 2001 MDX

    My Loaner Experience Here in Las Vegas (where there is only one Acura dealer), I just had to call ahead, schedule an appointment and received an Integra as a loaner. Of course, it smelled like someone smoked in it, but what can you do. Otherwise, the dealer was great. It's too bad that the...
  13. Maintenance Cost Comparison

    General Discussions
    Falconi's Acura - Las Vegas Here is Las Vegas, there is only one authorized dealer and they charge $100 for a minor service (7,500 mile service) and it included the VTM fluid. Hope the info helps.
  14. Free car wash at Acura Dealer??

    Free car wash ... yes My dealer here in Las Vegas says that they wash all cars when brought in for service. I presume that they just run it through a car wash, but I haven't brought my MDX in yet.
  15. MDX Sightings! Do you see many around town?

    General Discussions
    Sightings in Las Vegas As for Las Vegas, we only have one authorized Acura dealer in the entire state, Falconi's Acura. They told me that they have received 100+ to date, but that several have been sold out of state. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and have yet to see another one outside...