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  1. Acura Keys

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    as long as you get an acura key then it will work, because you can program the chip yourself and have it cut down at your local hardware store
  2. Acura Keys

    General Discussions
    Has anyone ever gotten a third key here or know how to do it? can i get it from acura or can i get it form somewhere else?
  3. Keyless Remote Entry Device

    Audio & Electronics
    what did you type in the search box when you wanted to find the keys, i typed in some things but nothing came up.:confused:
  4. Bond....James Bond.....

    General Discussions
    I dorve out of the dealer with my MDX on September 29th as well. Black with Ebony Touring, fender flares, tailgate deflector mudgaurds and rubber floor mats (Lifesaver.) I like the Fender flares, it makes it look sligthly wider and a little more sporty and i love the tailgate deflector its like...
  5. Bond....James Bond.....

    General Discussions
    Shiping? That's quite an adventure. i am waiting for my Black/black/Touring MDX to arrive this week. Does anyone know how Acura Ships there cars? I see toyota out on the road with those big trucks and i know BMW ships theirs in enclosed Tractor Trailers. I have never seen any Acura's being...