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  1. starting to surface....

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    I saw this as bumper sticker 2 weeks ago.
  2. US Economy and us

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    That is to put it mildly! And I know, I got greedy and decided to make up for some of my losses by selling low and hopefully buying lower. So far, it hasn't worked out. My bad!
  3. US Economy and us

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    As I said. There is NO bull market here because fundamentally, we are at a trajectory to bankruptcy as a country (and have been for quite a while, it just has gathered a lot more speed now). I prescribe to the school of thought that we will see S&P 500 before we see 1000. So my thought was to...
  4. US Economy and us

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    BeachrunnerX: do you invest any money at all in the market? This 10% run up in the market is the epidemy of irrational exuberance. There are absolutely no improvements in the fundamentals to merit it. Everyone from Buffet to traders on the floor were saying the same thing till a week ago...
  5. Seattle port 66 to airport, how?

    Thieves !!
  6. What is Obama doing?

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    Look, as it relates to international relations, we are getting ***** slapped by the Russians and the Iranians. That is bad enough in itself but it is nothing compared to what is going on domestically while the public is mired in their total ignorance. The segment of the society that falls in...
  7. Buyers remorse anyone?

    The biggest mistake Reagan made was selecting G.H. Bush as his VP because he was so far from being a conservative. Reagan later admitted that too. If it was not for G.H. Bush, G.W. would likely have never been elected either. Apple never falls far from the tree, you know. If you ask me, econ...
  8. Buyers remorse anyone?

    McCain was no one to be excited about, you are right, however he is no socialist. If you believe in this country and our constitution, you should be terrified by now. Anyone with any resemblence of critical thinking skills and a rudementary knowledge of the founding documents, including...
  9. Buyers remorse anyone?

    Tax cheats all over the place. Dow down 30.1% since the election. Class warfare already declared in the tax code. No regard to wealth destruction going on by the day. Nationalized healthcare on the way. Cap and trade about to increase prices of everything and possibly bankrupt several...
  10. US Economy and us

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    I kept on thinking administration's proposals would take into account that we are in a recession complicated further by the credit crisis. Therefore my rationale was that they are not going to push their socialist agenda right away. Even I was wrong in that their ideology transcends all else...
  11. US Economy and us

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    That's it !!! I am out of this market today. After hearing Obama, Geithner, and others from the administration yesterday, I am 100% convinced that they are out to destroy capitalism and the easiest way to accomplish that is through destruction of capital. This ideological warfare has gone too...
  12. US Economy and us

    General Discussions^dji,^gspc,QQQQ,DIA,SPY So this is how self destruction looks like!! If nothing else, those 2012 doomsday nut cases have a new hope that their visions seem closer...
  13. Anybody gamble?

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    You doubt it??? Expanding SCHIP, just as a first step, to include 12 million additional families (making up to $110K) or in other words the backdoor way to nationalizing healthcare; nationalizing (used loosely) financial institutions and possibly the car manufacturers, making work pay or equal...
  14. Stimulus bill

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    That 'idiocy' kept your worthless a$$ safe. By the way, this is not even the subject line for this thread but I know, in true lib fashion, change the subject since those who were criticizing the $350b. Bush deficits are now saying by 2012 deficit should be down to $500b. plus. Some fiscal...
  15. Stimulus bill

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    No, they will die in the mountains of Afghanistan instead (and possibly on the streets of the U.S.A.). I know that national security is a strange concept for the Carter/Obama type pacifists who think that Jihad is a benign movement by a bunch of malcontents that needs to be treated as a law...