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  • newmdxowners ·
    Hi Tim!

    What would be the cost for a replacement key fob for a 2012 Acura MDX? We recently bought it and the dealer only had one key and wants to charge us $300 for a second one.
    b0r1cua ·
    Good evening Tim,

    After reading around some it seems like you are the correct person to contact regarding replacement keys for an MDX we just acquired for my wife. I would love to get in touch with you soon.

    Thank you
    ErSlickEr ·
    Hi hondacuraplanet,

    I posted a new thread under Sub-Forum "Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)"

    I cannot find it. When I posted the thread, it said, a moderator will be able to look at it and approve it or something like that.

    Can you please look into it?


    fockerau ·
    Hello Tim. I have a 2010 MDX and need to repair/replace the driver side center console armrest (grey). Can you please provide a price for that part?

    Many thanks,
    Russr ·
    Hi Tim

    Trying to figure out how to remove the plastic trim pieces around the base of the front seats, in order to install some seat covers in my wife's 2011 MDX.

    It seems there are 2 "levels", where the lower level pretty much clips in place. The "upper level" (including the area where the seat movemen buttons are) seems more rigidly connected, but I cannot locate screw / clip points. I also expect to have trouble removing the buttons, tho' I might not need to if all I need is enough space to pass the straps for the seat covers (and locate them safely/securely).

    Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

    jmitchell ·
    Hi Tim,

    I saw where you can send instructions regarding removal of a Acura MDX 2003 door panel. I have the parts to change out the window regulator, but I can't seem to be able to get the door completely off. I have all of the outside pieces snapped off, but something is still holding it on there. Do you have any manuals or tips? Thanks! Justin

    [email protected]
    SliderJeff ·
    Hi Tim,

    It looks like I have a short-circuited USB jack in my 2011 MDX with Tech/Nav/ELS Audio system. My gut is telling me that this is not just a quick swap out of a part to fix, but may require replacement of the whole entire dash receiver. So I have a couple questions for you on that.

    1.) Can you confirm or deny that a USB problem is a complete receiver swap out as the only fix?
    2.) Do you have the part number and cost for said new/replacement receiver?
    3.) Does a new receiver come with a new radio code to unlock the system once I hook everything back up?
    4.) Are there removal/re-install instructions that come with the receiver?
    5.) Any other thoughts on this that I should know?

    I'd prefer not to have to pay a bajillion dollars just to fix the silly USB jack in the console, but it may have to be done.

    Thanks for any help you can throw my way,
    Jeff in Houston
    MassX ·
    Hi Tim,
    I just purchased a 2017 Honda CRV for my wife to go along with my 06 MDX. Do you sell Honda Care warranties for Honda's or just Acura's. If so can you give me a quote for a 5 year 100,00 mile $0 deductible plan as well as a 6 year 120,000 mile $0 deductible plan?

    Josh Rice ·
    Hello I have heard you are the man for discount parts. I tore the front lower ball joint boots trying to take the knuckle off before i realized you could use a slide hammer to pull the hub from the knuckle. I have located and ordered 2x 51225-stx-a01 ball joint boots but this arm is unlike any other i have seen. It looks like the rubber is bonded to the metal and I am curious as to how you would remove to repair. I have researched and it seems there are conflicting stories. The worst of which is you have to replace the entire control arm. I would surely hope not for a $3 boot as the bushings are fine. If so, quote for both. Thanks.
    Va Shai Cha ·
    HI Tim i just wanted to know if i wanted to buy two key fobs from you do i need to send you my key or can you use my vin to cut and program for me? its a 07 MDX Sport Tech
    tahailam ·
    Hi Tim,

    Would you please help me to replace a car key and a remove for the Acura MDX 2006. Please also tell me the cost and how to send it.

    Thank you,
    Storyteller ·
    Hi Tim,
    I am interested in the 07 MDX perforated leather/ wood shift knob and the wood steering wheel. Can you get me a price on each. This would be shipped to 20111.

    Thank you in advance
    litespd ·
    Hi Tim.. I was the guy that ordered a trailer hitch/wiring kit from you about a week or so ago...Mike Mohr, from Nebraska. It came in good shape, with all the parts. Once we got the hitch on the car, though, we noticed that the receiver tube was "cockeyed". We put a bike rack on it, and the bike rack tips down on the driver's side. At first, we thought it might be the rack, but after taking it off, we can definitely see that the receiver tube is turned just a bit. I checked underneath, and everything is correct. The downtubes from the frame brackets to the receiver tube seem to be aligned properly with the rear bumper, etc. It just appears that when the parts were put in the jig for welding, it wasn't sitting in it quite right. It doesn't affect the usage of the hitch in anyway, and it's fine. I just thought you might want to know that the part just isn't quite right, and that others that order it may have the same problem. Thanks again for the great deal you gave me on it!
    pkh106 ·
    Hi Tim - just checking availability and pricing information for this item: 08L02-STX-210B (black roof rails), application would be for a 2007 MDX. Thank you so much!
    jayth.lg ·
    Hello Tim, do you have price on the 2015 Acura MDX Rear Sport Trim by any chance? Please reply promptly, thanks Tim.
    Scubbs12 ·
    I saw a post from you about Hands Free Link issues. I just purchased an 06' Touring with NAV and RES. When I bought the vehicle, the HFL would beep and I could get it to try and pair to my I-Phone but it would just search and never link. I setup the free 3-month Onstar trial and purchased minutes to use the Onstar phone. I have since canceled the Onstar trial and no longer have that phone but now my HFL wont do anything. As soon as I setup Onstar, the HFL stopped doing anything so I assumed they were related. Is there any way to test my HFL before I order a new one from you?

    Thanks, Steve
    abc123 ·
    I cannot figure out how to post a question under Audio/electronics. I have a few days old 2015 mdx tech, and while i have learned a lot in the past couple days I have a few remaning menu type questions that I sure would like help on. Thanks so much.
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