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  • GRofVA ·
    Just purchased a 2011 MDX Advance (my 3rd MDX but first 2nd Gen) after having a transmission issue w/ my 2006. So far, so good except for I am getting a “Replace Battery Warning” message on trips over a 100 miles. It will come and go. I had Advance Auto test the battery & alternator and both were fine. The vehicle starts fine every time. I found some posts on “low battery warning” and some other info on the web regarding the battery sensor. I checked the battery sensor fuse and it is ok. The guy @ Advance Auto did notice that the positive battery terminal had been “modified.” It looks like the original had broken off and somebody attached a new terminal to the stub of the OEM terminal. I am tempted to replace the entire positive cable assembly, however, I found something tonight that the battery sensor is part of the negative terminal so I’m not sure that will fix the problem. Any suggestions?
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