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  1. Acura MDX EGR Warranty extension....this just in

    egr I had my EGR changed a few months ago after the lights and vtm light stayed on. The problems went away until 3 weeks ago when the tranny started downshifting quiclky without reason and it lurched when being put into gear. Acura checked it out, ordered me a new tranny and torque converter...
  2. Front Spring Recall

    another recall I have a 2001 MDX in NY, I got the recall mailed to me also last week. My appt will be in 3 weeks, I guess alot of other people got theirs mailed to them first. Also in the mailing was a letter explaining how to get reimbursement from Acura if you paid to have this repair done ...
  3. VTM-4 Light

    egr valve Have dealer replace the egr valve as per their service bulletin, it should not cost you a thing and it fixed my problem.
  4. Engine mounts going bad?

    engine mounts A few months ago I heard rattling from the engine area (2001 MDX 55,000 miles) and advised the dealer during a service appointment. They told me they replaced the engine mounts and that stopped that specific problem. I didnt have to pay because last year I bought an extended...
  5. Acura MDX EGR Warranty extension....this just in

    Thanks Tim Thank you again Tim for sharing information in a timely manner. I have this problem now and when I go in for the service (they are making me wait 3 weeks for the appointment, they don't consider it an emergency) I will ask them first what is causing the problem . I will see if they...
  6. Check Engine Light / VTM dash lights

    vtm & check engine light on also Last week I noticed one morning my check engine and vtm light came on. (about a week after the 65,000 service at dealer) I called them, they said if lights are steady on there is no immediate problem and to come in for service, if lights blink not to drive the...
  7. Second and third row seating

    General Discussions
    I have had 5 adults and 2 car seats in the rear for a couple of times, no problems. I also was surprised to see how I fit in the 3rd row 6'2 215 lbs. I sat there for a 1 hour trip once without any back pain . That is the last time I let my brother in law talk me into doing that.
  8. Pictures we rarely see on the news....

    America Under Attack
    Great pics, too bad the news channels or papers dont post photos like them. All they care about is selling ads or circulation. Glad you and others dont forget and thanks for the pics .
  9. And now for something completely different

    General Discussions
    Well, I am still very happy. I have a 2001 MDX, The sunroof was replaced for rattling, the pass side seat rails also changed. All under warranty and with loaner car. I am just happy the 2004's are not in the showroom yet, I might get tempted. Hope this turns out to be a happy thread like you...
  10. 39K miles, warrantee running out, any recommendations

    Just for comparison purposes, I stopped by the Acura dealer today and they told me they sell the added 3 year 100K mile warranty for about $2000. As usual quite a bit more than doing some research on your own. I still haven't decided about buying one. Also they did not have any 2004's in the...
  11. Front Grille Guard

    Bald Eagle, that was some thread. I am very proud of my MDX . As far as terminology goes , this week i picked up a new snowthrower, which would never fit in any CAR that I have owned. Aside from being a classy and comfortable vehicle, I have moved alot of cargo inside my MDX.
  12. Front Grille Guard

    I apologize, I will try never to phrase it like that again.
  13. Front Grille Guard

    I did think about painting the bars to match. I just put them on this week and I will drive around with them for a while to see how I like the color. They are easy to get off if I want to repaint them to match the color of my truck. I am out sick this week and when I go back to work next week I...
  14. 2003 Base MDX 6 weeks old for sale!

    After you are up walking, you should consider acupuncture. It helps get all your muscles relaxed so there is no pressure in the spine by the disks. I'm just getting over a fractured L4 disk and will go back for acupuncture as soon as possible. It helps along with massage therapy.
  15. 39K miles, warrantee running out, any recommendations

    extended warranty I am in same position with 38K miles on my 2001 mdx . I checked a few on the web, then found one by Acura Care They offer many diff plans either with zero or $50 ded and 5yrs to 7yrs. Plan I looked at was for 6 years 100,000 miles and it cost $1445...