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  1. Mdx Below Invoice!!!!!

    2003 Acura MDX Touring RES Silver/Ebony 1050 Miles MSRP: 40,300 WE WILL SELL FOR: $36199 + TTTL!!!!!! Bob Kukowski Internet Sales Manager 214-718-9574
  2. where can I get the best deal?

    04 yd 189 We would love to help. Give me a call. 972-964-6051 I have a Silver Quartz on the way.
  3. Last '03!!!! BIG DISCOUNT

  4. Last '03!!!! BIG DISCOUNT

    MDX Premium YD182 Black/Saddle $33,862 + TTL SOLD!!!!! Still Available - How about $500 Over MDX Touring RES YD187 Satin Silver/Ebony Demo, 900 miles $36,852 + TTL Bob Kukowski, Internet Sales Manager 214-718-9574
  5. transmission failing

    Transmission Problems
    An importer was begging us to buy some of these gray market MDXs. We told him to take a hike.
  6. Replacing Wood Trim

    Does anyone know if an A/M company makes replacement panels to replace the wood in the MDX? I am looking for the look of the TSX or 04 TL Thanks!!
  7. 2004s are HERE!!!!

    Premium: $36,945 Silver/Quartz Touring: $39,545 Sage Brush/Quartz Satin Silver/Quartz Sandstone/Saddle Black/Ebony Burnished Bronze/Ebony Satin Silver/Ebony Navi: $41,745 Sage Brush/Quartz Navi-RES: $43,245 Satin Silver/Quartz Take $500 off and Pick Out $500 in Accessories Call Bob...
  8. Last Remaining 2003 MDXs

    Premium (YD182): Silver/Ebony Black/Saddle SOLD!!! Take $2500 Off MSRP Touring (YD186): Sage Brush/Quartz Sandstone/Saddle SOLD!!!! Take $2800 Off MSRP Touring RES (YD187): Silver/Ebony DEMO Sage Brush/Quartz SOLD!!!! Take $2900 Off MSRP Touring RES NAVI (YD189): Black/Saddle SOLD!!!! Take...
  9. Last Remaining 03 MDXs @ McDavid

    And RES = Rear Entertainment System :) Another Honda/Acura trivia: In Honda Model Code jargon i.e. YD187, the "8" being an even number, indicates an automatic transmission. An odd number would indicate, a manual trans (of course not offered in the MDX).
  10. Last Remaining 03 MDXs @ McDavid

    YD 182 Silver/Ebony YD 182 Black/Saddle YD 187 Sagebrush/Quartz YD 187 Silver/Ebony These are all in-stock and ready to go. Take $2500 Off MSRP!!!! Local DFW MDXers - Add free window tint if you can take delivery today 9/30/03 Eric Tornwall New Car Sales Manager 972-964-6051 Thanks!!!
  11. Acura Dealer in St. Petersburg, FL

    General Discussions
    Not quite St. Pete My father had good luck at Gettel in Sarasota on his MDX
  12. Better Deal 2002 Mdx Navi

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will ask Daniel for help. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all.
  13. Better Deal 2002 Mdx Navi

    Best Deal!!!: Remaining 2002 MDX Navi McDavid is pleased to offer a 2002 MDX Touring Navi The Details: Owner's Demo w/ approx 3900 Miles Not Titled and Sold as New Had 2 minor finish flaws brought fully back to Acura standards Includes the following equipment/accessories DVD Rear...
  14. 2001 MDX Touring

    Vin# is 2HNYD18621H508838 Thanks :)
  15. 2001 MDX Touring

    Certified Pre-Owned MDX Touring Emerald Green/Saddle 22,700 Miles Side Steps Rear Splash Guards Rear Tailgate Deflector Special Pricing: 33,265 + TTL Contact Milton Hibbler [email protected]