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  1. Having doubts on the new MDX - tell me I'm wrong

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    I too am a long time Acura owner.....was intrigued with the Hyundai Santa Fe 10 year, 100K mile warranty. I went and drove it and quickly remembered why I like the MDX. Even though it had a ton of bells and whistles, good horsepower and great gas mileage I just couldnt do it. I literally rather...
  2. 2004 versus 2012

    Hey So I've had my 2004 MDX since it was brand new. Best car I've ever had. I picked up a 2012 with 40k miles on it this past Friday and was hoping to fall just as much in love and I've got to say........I'm not so sure. :frown2: Wow does it sure shift quick from 1st to 2nd. At first I thought...