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  1. Brake Clunk - My experience

    Sounds & Noises
    Fight back... sort of... OK, I've got the same brake clunk and I'm pissed about it syndrome as most of ya'll on this forum. Want to fight back? Let your fingers do the talking and post on as many forums and car reviews sites as you can warning potential MDX buyers that they are going to get...
  2. The Thud TSB

    Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    Clunk / Thud... We have an '03 MDX with just about 6K miles on it. Around 4.2K we started noticing the thud. Mostly just when we're breaking. So today my wife goes in and they are nice about it, but say it's "just the way the MDX is..." They give her some "Service News" bulletin that says...