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  1. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    Mando, Who would have thought I would find this information in the MDX forum? I'm thinking of using a Shuttle SS51G for a HTPC. I could remove the video card to reduce the noise level. Unfortunately it only has one PCI slot so I won't be able to use the DVI daughter card but component still...
  2. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    Any OTA DTV recorder suggestions? Since we're now discussing PVRs... I have a Samsung 165 which has DVI, RGB, VGA, and component outputs (ignoring the low resolution S-video and composite). I would like to capture the best possible signal and record it to disk so that I can play it back via...
  3. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    Now that xcel has mentioned it (I thought this was a local CA trend), the Foreign/Spanish stations are actually making better use of the subchannels than the national stations. Channel 62 (KRCA?) has 4 subs and usually 2 are showing a different program. KSCI (18) usually shows two different...
  4. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    Another thing to consider is even with SD, digital OTA TV has superior colors and almost no noise (there is some occasion jitter/jaggies). In my area, about half the digital channels are SD and the others are HD (720p). With the exception of PBS and some prime time HD shows, the local stations...
  5. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    dbuono, I have a Stewart Luxus Deluxe 49x87 HDTV format FireHawk Screen ($1700) I also have a Sony VPL-SH10 1366x768 LCD FP (~$2700) The sales guy was very informative and although supplies were limited...
  6. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    I just sent you an email. HD is the way to go so long as the equipment will support the standards for 2006. Original aspect ratio is also the best way to view programs. I've heard lots of good things about the newer RPs but if you have the space, FP is the way to go. For about $5K you can get...
  7. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    I'm thinking about the M&K 850 series. Do you think it is overkill to use LCR-850s for surrounds instead of the suggested LCR-650s? I have some cabinetry work that needs to be finished (actually started) before I go out and buy more equipment. On the other hand, if I encounter a good deal, I'll...
  8. Home Theater fans?

    Home Electronics
    Although there isn't much HD programming, there are as many DTV stations as there are analog in Southern California. This alone makes it worthwhile to invest in a home theater system. I don't have time to confirm all the model numbers but here is most of what I have: Sony VPL-HS10 Projector...
  9. Canon EOS 300D -- Digital SLR < $1,000

    General Off Topic
    I hate when I hit submit before I finish ... :1pat: For the G2 the "native" ISO is 50. When I shot low light pictures at 400, they were extremely grainy. So I don't really recommend shooting at fast ISOs unless you really need to get that picture. :drool:
  10. Canon EOS 300D -- Digital SLR < $1,000

    General Off Topic
    I thought my G2 was pretty good until I tried my friend's G3 and noticed all the improvements. I started looking at the G5 and nowI just noticed the EOS 300D. Right now 4MP doesn't seem to be a limiting factor in picture quality, the lens on the G2 just doesn't have enough zoom/WA (and I do...
  11. 04 TL Price

    Other Automobiles
    Just to show how good Tim's prices are in []: MSRP for accessories are: $259 – Car Cover [$201.50] $159 – Full Mask [$123.50] $89 – Splash Guards [$63.70] $99 – Trunk Cargo Tray [$76.70] $49 – Wheel Locks [$35.50] $578 – Backup Sensor $175 – Colored Body Side Moldings $4 – Touch-up Paint $75 –...

    General Off Topic
    I noticed the same thing. TOV seemed to have just died too. I think it is a plot to squelch all information on TLs. I saw the 04 TL today and they were initially asking for an additional $3000 in profit (this is above MSRP) plus $1875 in overpriced accessories and offered me $2360 less than what...
  13. spare remote-->new problem

    Audio & Electronics
    Hmm. I bought a spare remote a few months ago and although programming was a little tricky (I followed the instructions in the Helms Manual) I eventually got all 3 to work. I've had no problems since then. I think someone else posted the procedure on this site. I'm not sure it the Ody procedure...
  14. Problems Installing Front Nose mask

    No fender flares either. You should still consider protecting the top of the hood even if you don't protect the bottom. I didn't do this for my CL and I've regretted it. I guess if you really wanted to protect your nose, you have a couple of choices: 1 - Make an extension for the fenderwell...
  15. Immoblizer Key System

    General Discussions
    nwaring, You didn't have to throw away the key. You could have had the dealer program the Immobilizer to recognize that key too. The fobs you can reprogram yourself (the procedure is listed in the Helm's manual and I think someone posted it here too). I bought an extra fob from Tim and...