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  1. 2003 Transmission Problem

    Transmission Problems
    I really don't understand why you would not be eligible for the warranty on the new transmission either way.
  2. What's your gas mileage?

    General Discussions
    03 Touring with 39K We get about 15 in town and between 20-25 on the highway. On the highway, the load doesn't seem to affect it much. Speed, however, is a big factor. Towing our 3500# pup it gets between 11-17 on the highway, 11-13 with the bikes on the pup and 15-17 without.
  3. How do MDX's handle towing about 3000 pounds??

    General Discussions
    I hope the dealership will stand behind you if you do have a failure. I have a 7 pin trailer connector on my X (trailer brakes for a 3500# popup camper) and I visited the dealer the other day for a trade in estimate. I'm not sure if my trade in value was impacted (it was low) but they...
  4. What did you get for your trade

    Dollars & Sense
    For comparison's sake, the dealer just offered me $19K for an 03 Touring Navi with 39K miles. NADA, Edmunds and KBB all rate the same vehicle (clean condition) at around $23K (Trade-in Value).
  5. History Log - Difference between 2001 & 2005

    General Discussions
    My '03 does not have it either.
  6. Backup camera died on '03

    Well it turns out that they need to replace the camera. One was ordered today and should be in by Thursday. Apparently, the dealer is not allowed to stock them because Acura would like to review them on a case by case basis. Apparently, there is a known focus issue on a very low percentage of...
  7. Which years are the least problematic?

    My '03 has been problem free except for the new (and previously unreported) backup camera issue. The dealer performed the brake clunk fix two years ago and I have not had a problem since. In fact I have not been here in over a year since there have been no issues to look into. I came back to...
  8. Backup camera died on '03

    Odd, yesterday my wife calls me to tell me the backup camera on our '03 Navi is dead. Sure enough, I check it when I get home and everything else works but the camera. All I get when in reverse is a bright white screen. Checked: All Navi functions seem to work Brightness displays and works...
  9. Trade in value for 2003 MDX with Nav

    General Discussions
    Not sure about CA. However, I've never seen it noted as a "tax credit." Since in NC we pay a flat 3% tax up front, the dealer calculates the tax based on the difference between your trade and the new purchase. If you buy with no trade then your tax liability is for the entire purchase price, not...
  10. Loaner car

    My wife ran over a chunk of something a couple of weeks ago (a friday) which flew up and cut the parking brake cable. We drove it for one day and called the dealer (on saturday) to see if they could help us out over the weekend. The loose PB parts were making noise plus parking the MDX on a hill...
  11. Dealer Return Policy

    General Discussions
    It's a 3 day (72 hr) grace period in NC. Some of the aftermarket NAVI's are pretty cool. There are alot of pro's with them over the Acura integrated system. Since there is a long related thread around here somewhere I won't restart one here.