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  1. Observations MDX vs RDX and venting...

    Also targeting the opposite direction. Our kids are now in college so our space requirements changed. We just traded a 2003 MDX for 2013 RDX AWD/Nav. We wanted to stay with SUV, abet smaller, but with the tech and better the MPG. We've had couple of Legends, an Intregra and the MDX. The RDX...
  2. BROKEN ENGINE MOUNTS : Send me your information!

    Took my 03 in at 117K for timing belt, water pump and hoses ($710) Was told the engine mount was broken, I believe it was about $300 to fix.
  3. time to change the timing belt and spark plugs

    1155 is way to high. I just got two quotes, one from dealer for 710 and one from independent who only does Honda/Acura for 726. I was told by Acura dealer couple years ago that timing belt needed replacing at about 110k. btw its a 2003 with 115k
  4. Need advice: What to do with 2003 MDX on Lease

    Dollars & Sense
    Little different question. My 03 touring comes on lease in May. Payoff is 20,100. Problem is 88k miles. Looking at .15/mile over 60k $4200. Should I just buy it myself or try and try and trade for newer model? 2007 have gotten to pricey for me. Maybe RDX? Also have low rumble for few seconds...
  5. Anybody knows how to remove the rear wiper?

    General Discussions
    Have your wife attempt to back out of the garage with the backgate open.....removed mine.
  6. When will the Yankees wake up?

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    When guys like Giambi and Sheffield stop taking steroids, are they still called sluggers? Go SOX!! 6 out 7 from the Yanks w/o Nomar and Trot in the lineup
  7. Commercials on Sirius? What gives?

    Audio & Electronics
    On Feb 1 XM Radio's 68 music channels went commercial free. You still get commercials on the 32 News, Sports, Talk & Entertainment channels which are mostly TV and radio feeds (CNN, MSNBC, ESPN Radio, etc)
  8. Stay Away From Turbo Tax This Year!

    General Off Topic
    I've used TurboTax for several years, the last 2 years I've used the web version. No CD to purchase and install, no rebate forms, I can access from any computer, does state and fed, program updates are automatic.... Only charge incurred is to file the return electronically. If I remember...
  9. Hot Stove League:MLB offseason

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    the only thing missing on Maddux's HOF career is the elusive ring -- 1995 Atlanta Braves were World Series winners. What what I've seen Maddux wanted to go the West Coast where he lives, Chicago because of his earlier career was the only other option he considered. He is 11 wins short of the 300...
  10. College Basketball '03/'04

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    Be at the ACC Tournament? No chance, generally regarded as the most difficult ticket to get in sports. This year's will not be an exception with the quality of the teams.
  11. College Basketball '03/'04

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    rhyme? Thats the school fight song. Sounds better with a band playing. What a difference 3 days (and a home court) makes. Beat #1 then lose to last place team in the conference on the road. RPI standing: note 6 ACC teams in the top 32.
  12. College Basketball '03/'04

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    We're the red and white from State and we know we are the best Hands behind our back we can take on all the rest Go to HELL Carolina, Deacs and Devils stand in line We're the red and white from NC STATE!!!! Go STATE RESPECT AT LAST!!!!
  13. XM Fans - URL

    Audio & Electronics
    they split, there is now XMfan and XM411. Ryan is running the original xmfan and will direct you to xmfanstore. Ziggy is running xm411 and directs you to store.myradiostore I didn't appreciate getting the e-mail from Ziggy, which I share with the readers here. It was an underhanded way to get...
  14. XM Fans - URL

    Audio & Electronics
    FYI for those of you who maybe unregistered users of XM Fan forum and did not receive the broadcast e-mail: and are changing URLs and not currently accessible. New names will be:
  15. XM Radio- Delphi,Roady, or New Commander

    Audio & Electronics
    Most of the users on the XMFan site perfer the Blitzsafe to the P.I.E. Sony is real proud of that RCA adapter $24. The RCA to 3.5mm adapter that you need can be found at Radio Shack or for $11 it will connect to the Blitzsafe and then the...