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  1. New site ownership

    General Discussions
    I am very excited to announce that we are transitioning the ownership and operations of this site to, which operates over 100 communities similar to ours. What does this transition mean? It means 24x7 IT support staff, regular software upgrades, close monitoring of the...
  2. Delete old posts

    General Discussions
    I actually like Google search idea. The issue is that we'll have to wait for Google to spider the site with the new domain name. Once that's done, I'll give Google search a try. In the meantime, I'll try to rebuild the search index.
  3. Delete old posts

    General Discussions
    Should we delete old posts to make the site run faster?
  4. Moving to a new domain

    General Discussions
    That's something I haven't thought of. I'll put it on my list.
  5. Moving to a new domain

    General Discussions
    The switch has been completed. Please use this thread to report any issues. Thanks again, Daniel (admin).
  6. Moving to a new domain

    General Discussions
    We are moving to a new domain name A bit of history first. A few months ago I received a letter (about 2 inches thick) stating that Honda of America has filed a complaint with WIPO (see that I am using and...
  7. Happy Birthday Admin!

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  8. Possible site name change

    General Discussions
    A bit of an update. I'm working with Honda via their lawyers to see if we can come to an arrangement where both and stay as they are with some tweaks around advertisement. Things do look promising, but nothing concrete yet. I'll keep everyone posted with the...
  9. Possible site name change

    General Discussions
    Man, totally didn't realize about the frames and stickers. Sorry about it. As I said, I'll try to fight to the best of my abilities.
  10. Possible site name change

    General Discussions
    Already in the works. coming to you soon! :)
  11. Possible site name change

    General Discussions
    Hi Folks - I just received a letter stating that our domain name - - is infringing on Honda's trademark, and hence Honda will officially be requesting to surrender the domain name to them. This is quite disheartening, and I'll try to fight it. But as a worst case scenario we may...
  12. What happened

    Community Help Section
    Guys, thought I would chime in. The issue was (and currently is) with ZoneEdit. They seem to think that I'm not paying their bills, but believe me, those guys are the first ones I pay :) So I'm looking for an alternate DNS hosting service, as ZoneEdit sucks, this screw up plus not answering...
  13. Poll on a forum for politics/economic issues

    I oppose as well. This has been tried a few times and NEVER ended well.
  14. Only one search every 30 seconds?

    Community Help Section
    I put it back to no delay between searches and 3 chars minimum. Let's see how we do now.
  15. Server reboot

    Fyi, we needed to reboot our server (it's been almost a year!) to try and resolve some performance issues. Cheers, admin.