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I have had adjustable cambers on 3 of my 2007 MDX Sport wheels, since December 2015. Perfectly even tire wear, on my Pirelii Scorpion Verde Plus tires. (note...when these tires wore down to 6/32 tread depth, they became noisy).

I question the recommended camber values (-.9 and -1.1) that you listed. One of those numbers should be a positive, I think.

Having the tops of your tires leaning toward the car more than a few tenths, of a degree, is not correct.
Also, zero degree (straight up vertical) camber is not good either.

The more that the tops, of your tires lean toward the car, the more toe out you have created.
Toe out wears down the inner edge of tires.

Part numbers:

Acura offers a front "Adjust Kit, Camber (bolt)" #06511-SZA-A00, for all MDX 2007 - 2013 inclusive. Around $18 ea. side online price.
Other than that, I don't know of anything, for a front camber adjustment.

For the rear camber adjustment:
SPC Performance makes SPC 67570 ($103 ea. side), which comes with an adapter, for the ride height unit on the MDX Sport model. You can remove the adapter, if you don't have the MDX Sport model.

You can get the camber very close, by using a Craftsman digital level (14" long).

Adjust each tire (on a level surface), so that the top of each tire leans towards the car (called negative camber), between .2 or .3 degrees. (note...we are using tenths of a degree, not a whole degree)

Now you're ready to get it aligned and to see your new printed out camber values.

On the SPC adjusters, if you want to get closer to .2 degrees negative camber... as you expose or as you hide a complete thread (on the adjuster's bolt), you will change the camber angle by .625 degrees.
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