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Tires wearing more on inside

I have 2011 base mdx with about 70K miles. Last year I notice tires wearing more on inside (about 15K on tires at that time). Tire shop suggested alignment. I took it for alignment check and they indicated RR camber -1.3 and slight rear Toe.

I took it to Acura dealership and they found rear camber to be within spec (-.9 and -1.1) and toe was ok, .00 and .03. As per Acura and independent shop, suspension has no issues.

I rotate tires every 5k and have never towed anything, have passengers only few times a year.

Now after 10k more miles, tires are still wearing more aggressively on inside. because of rotation, all 4 tires need replacement, which I am getting shortly.
My question - Will -1 camber cause tires to wear more on inside ? should I be getting new springs or camber kit? If anyone has used camber kit or after market springs on 2nd Gen, please share your experience.

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