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I never tried plugging my iPhone into the USB connection. I have a 64GB flashdrive plugged in 24/7 into the USB with my iTunes music copy/pasted onto the drive. I don't like wires hanging and do Bluetooth audio for the iPhone. I have a power cord in the armrest if I need to power up the iPhone for longer trips (leave the phone in armrest or use my magnetic phone mount just left of center console). The MDX does the same thing if you select Bluetooth audio:
- starts at last song selected if music app is already open, or
- starts the music app and does random play of entire iTunes library.

I think Acura is assuming if you plug into the USB or select bluetooth audio you want it to play automatically. I found this weblink; but, it doesn't seem to work with our MDX: How to stop the Music app from auto-playing in your car | iMore

It just said to:
- quit the music app on iPhone screen (pain in the ass, doing this already)
- disable the vehicle autoplay feature (I don't think our MDX has this option unless it is buried deep in the one of the dianostic screens)
- disable cellular streaming if you use this feature; but, it might still auto play any music physically on iPhone. Might have delete music on phone and disable cellular streaming (then you will have zero capabilities other than internet radio streaming)

Seems like every option requires you to touch your iPhone every time in 2-5 steps. It is easier since I upgraded to the 6S with thumb print log-in. I can just press/release/touch the iphone home button to log-in, double-click home button, and swipe up to close music app. Only takes me 1/4 of the time to do this on my 6S compared to my old 4S.

Maybe the more tech savvy member might know if there is an on/off Bluetooth/USB auto start feature buried deep in the navi diagnostic screens somewhere?

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