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Starter repair

I tore mine apart to have a look.
Very dirty inside!!

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Talking My DIY starter replacement experience

Originally Posted by ROTORRAY View Post
1. Makie sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio and nav system, then write down the frequencies for the radio's preset buttons.

2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then disconnect the positive cable.

3. remove the battery

4. remove the battery base.

5. remove the harness clamps holding the cables to the starter.

6. disconnect the starter cable from the rear of the starter solenoid, then disconnect the blk/whi wire from the other terminal.

7. remove the two bolts holding the started, then remove the starter.

8. install in the reverse order of removal. make sure the crimped side of the ring terminal is facing out (because it makes the terminal fit flush against the solenoid. put it on the way you took it off)

9 connect the battery positive cable and negative cable to the battery.

10. start the engine to make sure the starter works properly.

11. enter the anti theft codes for the radio and the nav system.

12. enter the radio station presets and set the clock.

13. re set the power window control unit by turning the ignition switch OFF. then turn the ignition ON (II). Lower the driver's window all the way down by pushing the driver's switch to the second detent, when the window reaches the bottom, hold the driver's window switch in the DOWN position for 2 seconds. Raise the driver's window all the way up without stopping by pulling the driver's switch to the second detent; when the window reaches the top, hold the driver's window switch in the UP position for 2 seconds. If the window does not work in AUTO reset the power window control unt again according the the above instructions.

EASY JOB. when you're done have a been a pat yourself on the back for saving a bunch of $$$!!
I have a 2004 MDX. I experienced the same start-up "squeal" that many other members here have complained of. The car started just fine, but this noise was terrible - worse when the engine was cold, and over the last year or so had gotten louder and more annoying.

My locally trusted foreign car repair shop wanted $506 to install a Bosch re-built starter - and this was after I got them to waive the $95 diagnostic fee - so I decided to see what I could find on my own. I bought on Amazon for about $90 and printed the above instructions to attempt my first DIY starter replacement.

The whole job took me about 3 hours, but an experienced mechanic would probably be much faster. A couple things worth mentioning for the novice like me:

1. There are 5 bolts holding the battery base in place - 4 vertical and one in the side holding a wire-harness bracket. The back 2 were a pain to remove with the wires routed over the tops of them.

2. The starter itself is mounted on a nearly vertical plane so the 2 bolts which join it to the engine go in almost horizontally. The top bolt is visible (barely) past a couple of 1.5-2" rubber hoses, the bottom one can't be seen. These came out pretty easily for me, but I had to use 2 different lengths of ratchet-extenders (3" on the bottom bolt, 6" on top) and a lead pipe over my ratchet handle for extra leverage.

3. The plastic clips are annoying, and I ended up breaking one of them just to remove the battery base. Hopefully not a big deal.

Overall I am very pleased. Thanks to Rotorray's easy-to-follow instructions I was able to save over $400 for just a few hours of work! Now I'm just hoping that this TYC part holds up!
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Having done a bunch of DIYs recently I wanted to add that if you plan on doing more DIYs, get urself some good tools and a can of PB blaster. The nuts and bolts can be in such weird places and many times are very hard to remove without some muscle or leverage. I have found my flex head ratchets and breaker bars to be so HELPFUL! As always, safety first!

e.g. the first time I ever did the tranny fluid change on my 04 MDX, the drain bolt and filler bolt were both INCREDIBLY tight. I broke some cheap tools before I said enough is enough. That was like 4 years ago.
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Check out this thread - here

Member J35A5 took his starter apart and cleaned it. I might try this option as well. My starter does the same thing. I'll prolly take the X to my mechanic to get this done ) Don't know if I can tackle this myself.
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Is the "sound" you're having a spinning, squealing sound after the engine starts or clicking sound?

Squealing after starting is caused by inadequate bendix shaft lube. I fixed mine by removing stater, lube and re-install. There's a post somewhere on this issue.

Clicking sound is worn solenoid contacts and requires new soleonoid or more likely new starter.

Installation is not difficult. You need ratchet and extension to access. I used a "wobbly" extension on the lower blind bolt. Not easy, but not too difficult. I would say about 5/10. I removed starter and then disconnected electricals. Some have done opposite proc.

good luck

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Great thread. Just keep in mind the tight space you have to replace the starter. And, be extra careful with the bolts you are taking off and putting on. I stripped one of the two M10 x 1.25 bolt holes that are holding the starter to the engine block. I had a hard time to take one of the bolts off. I think it was stripped at that time. You can see some details of the incidence and pictures here:
Stripped MDX engine block bolt hole for starter
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Be sure to buy a quality replacement, or take it to a rebuilder.

I bought a piece of crap reman from Napa that started doing the same thing one day after the install.
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Revive your starter under $10.00

Although this is an old thread, but since people are still interested, I would like to share my experience.

The culprit to this weird noise is the starter plunger mechanism got dirty and dried up over time. So the gear can't rotate smoothly anymore and cause the noise. There is nothing wrong with the starter function.

There is a design flaw for this starter. Not the starter itself, but after installed on the vehicle, this flaw will allow the dirt and water to enter the plunger assy, and over years it will cause this problem. Acura corrected this flaw in 04 model though.

Simply put, you need to clean up the plunger assy and put seals onto the starter.

So you need to have some mechanics experience to tackle this task.

You need:
1. brake parts cleaner
2. grease
3. weather strip, probably 1/2" wide x 1/2" thick. Black foam type should be ok. It should have glue on top and bottom sides. You can get it at Home Depot.

What you need to do :
1. take the starter off. You will see the gear and shaft are dirty and dry.
2. disassemble the starter.
3. thoroughly clean up the plunger assy, at least. I also cleaned up the whole thing, since I am in there already.
4. lightly grease the parts.
5. re-assemble the starter.
6. cut off 2 pieces of weather strip so it fit onto the 2 small rounded surfaces. These 2 surfaces are located on the top and bottom of the gear shaft, not where the bolt holes located. Use alcohol to clean the surfaces before you put the strips on.
7. install the starter back onto the car.

The starter should function flawlessly now. And the weather strip will seal the gap between the starter and engine to prevent the dirt and water from entering the plunger assy. This should make your starter healthy for years to come.

Refer to the following image.

Items 30 and 31 are the gaskets you are making using the weather strip.
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FYI, the TYC starter I used which was ordered on Amazon cost less than $90, it did come with the form seal attached. But the gear seems dry too. So I bought a can of Synthetic valvoline grease (Moly-fortified and extreme pressure fortified - recommended on ACURA shop manual) to grease up the starter gears before putting it back. The cold start noise did go away with the new starter on.
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My X does the same on cold mornings it emits this grinding noise for two second after engine is started.
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The sound is a squealing/spinning sound as the starter is overdriven by engine speed as engine begins to run. I would not describe as "grinding" but sounds are very subjective.

good luck

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There are two other discussions on the starter shriek, and the second one has a video in which you can hear it:

2004 MDX engine metal screeching at start
Shriek on startup

I had this noise when starting my 2004 MDX. My mechanic replaced the starter, and now there's no more noise.

A new starter lists for $450 (p/n 06313-RDJ-305 for the 2004) and Tim sells it for $333. A remanufactured starter lists for $337 (p/n 06314-RDJ-305RM) and Tim sells it for $249.

Click here to see what phins2rt says.
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Thanks Proman. Great Info. Mine car had that problem for some time now. I took it off last weekend and cleaned it up as you instructed. It's pretty dirty, like sand and mud inside. No wonder it screams. Now it's like new!!

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You are welcome. Glad I can help.
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Thank you to the contributors to this thread! With your help, I was able to replace mine (2003 with 140k miles) in less than two hours and now the few seconds of grinding noise at startup is now gone! The Acura dealer had offered to do it for about $650.

Here is a link to similar instructions, but with diagrams which helped me, and also a before and after picture.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3905.JPG
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