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mother may I didn't help either - didn't work on 04 MDX

Originally Posted by 2Phast View Post
I have seen this posting is a few places, does it work:

Is the key cut? I am not sure if it's the same for the MDX but here is the instruction for programming the 2nd generation TL key

1...your new key
2...a MASTER KEY (one with the remote in it)already programmed to car.
to program the transponder- (thats the immobilizer part)
sitting in dr. seat, put the master key in ignition, and turn to on.engine OFF. press the gas pedal 5 times to floor and release. now press brake 6 times (press and release)
remove master key from ignition. install new key and turn to on...engine off. press gas to floor once. now wait. the security light will blink for about 45-60 seconds, then it will go off if you did it correctly. once the light is off, car should start.

For the remote part. in drivers seat WITH DOOR OPEN. start with door unlocked. first put master key in ignition, turn to on, then back off and remove. using the lock/unlock button on drivers door. press lock.. then unlock 5 times.(lock,unlock,lock,unlock,lock,unlock,lock,un lock,lock,unlock)
Close drivers door, open drivers door.
Performe lock/unlock procedure again.
insert key in to ignition and turn to on, then back off and remove.(at this point the doors should lock and unlock by themselves ONCE)
Now press both lock and unlock buttons on REMOTE. release after about 1.5seconds. now press just the lock button on remote.
now open and close the drivers door a couple times to close programming. if you did it right, remote will now work.

I just bought a blank Acura key from amazon and took it to the Honda dealer who was nice enough to cut the key for me for free. He used a manual hand tool and had to call Acura to get the key code for the proper setting on the manual hand tool. used my registration to verify it was my car and also gave Acura dealer across town my VIN number in order to get right key code to cut the key.

I came home and tested the above method but it did not program my 04 MDX or shall I say copy over my "master" key's transponder chip information onto my new blank and cut key.

So for now I have an extra key that will lock and unlock door.

I noticed home depot will be able to cut and program key for you for the cost of the t5 key. They require you buy key first and then they will clone key with your master key.

I might go back and see if they will just clone the transponder info off my master and onto my new cut key. Wish me luck.

2004 Acura MDX Touring / Redrock
2002 Acura TL Type-S / Silver (sadly sold)
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I bought a blank T5 key for $10 on ebay and had my Acura dealership cut and program it for free. They just needed my original key to duplicate it on the blanks. Dealership told me they would cut and program first generation MDX keys for free. They only charge for second generation keys.
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Originally Posted by fymdx View Post
I bought a blank T5 key for $10 on ebay and had my Acura dealership cut and program it for free. They just needed my original key to duplicate it on the blanks. Dealership told me they would cut and program first generation MDX keys for free. They only charge for second generation keys.
wow you're lucky,

my dealer wants 120$ for a new key
i'll look for cheaper alternatives, no way im paying 120$ for a key
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Let's put this stuff to rest.

Hello folks.

Although it's a dated post, many people still get information from dated posts. Wanted to address the key situation since there's a lot of false information and assumptions out there.

I am an automotive locksmith in Colorado and just thought I'd give you guys the facts on transponder keys vs the assumptions and myths.

For starters, there are 3 ways to get a working transponder key for a vehicle which vary depending on the car.

1. ECU on-board programming. On-board programming can be done on many cars that already have programmed transponder keys. GM for example can OBP in seconds by inserting key 1, then the new key..done deal. On many cars (ford, Chrysler, etc), you have to have 2 existing keys to add any more keys using OBP method. Using this method, each key is coded to the cars ECU memory and is individually enrolled.

2. Scanner based ECU programming. This is done with a lost key or if you don't have a minimum number of keys for on-board programming. Scan tool (which is most cases IS NOT a dealer only tool) is connected to the ECU to add keys. Some cars do not offer any form of OBP and EVERY key must be manually enrolled to the ECU with the scan computer such as the Pontiac G6.

3. Cloning. A clone key is exactly as it sounds..a copy. The EPROM data is read and copied from your original key to a new blank chip. This is a simple, relatively effective means to get a key without needing to bring the car to the dealer/locksmith. On some cars that use Phillips encrypted keys, you still need to bring your car in to get the key cloned as the cloned key needs to pick up the interrogation codes sent by your car on startup. This is how internet companies can sell programmed keys if you send your key to them. (If I only had 1 key though, I'm sure as hell not gonna put it in our mail system) Many locksmiths (myself included) charge the same price for cloning most keys since the clone keys don't use standard chips. The clonable chips are considerably more expensive than standard transponder chips. Something like 5 times the cost. Kinda like the difference in price between CDs and CD-r disks when they first came out. Cloning is done completely independent of the car, so key limit is not a factor. If a car has a 6 key limit (as was mentioned on this particular thread), you can clone 100 keys and the car won't know the difference.

WARNING...The only downside with cloning is that if you have key number 1 and get 5 clones made of it, your car thinks you have key number 1, key number 1, key number 1, (you get the point). On an Acura, might not be such a big deal. On most other cars that need 2 keys for on-board programming (Ford, Chrysler, etc), you'll be disappointed when trying to add new keys because your car still thinks you only have 1 key. You may have 100 keys that start and run the car, but only one of them is enrolled into the ECU. Sooner or later, a second key needs to be enrolled before you can do on-board programming. If that doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll clarify.

Regarding the individuals here that work for the dealer...I don't mean to offend, but being a dealer employee doesn't automatically make one an authority on transponder keys. Some of the dealerships call me with transponder questions and issues and trust me...some of those questions are doozies. One of my customers came in holding a $130 transponder key she just bought from the dealer and HER CAR WASN'T EVEN TRANSPONDER EQUIPPED. So..They sold her a $130 key when a $5 key worked. Here's the kicker with that. THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO PUNCH HER VIN INTO THE COMPUTER TO CODE CUT HER KEY AND IT WOULD HAVE TOLD THEM HER CAR WAS NOT TRANSPONDER EQUIPPED. They have database resources that I don't have access to, so how they make this mistake? I won't accuse and say the parts guy flat ripped her off, so I'll say he must have been seriously mistaken...a "mistake" that cost MY customer over $100 for a key she never needed. I won't say dealerships don't know that they're doing, because many of my local dealerships impress the heck out of me with their knowledge. However, no dealership is exempt from hiring an occasional crook or idiot so simply being a dealership employee doesn't guarantee credibility.

Hope I clarified the whole transponder thing for some people.

Your friendly small-town auto locksmith.
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And where should folks in Colorado go to see you gunbunny?
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